Review: The Apple Magic Mouse

Not just any old mouse … but a ‘magic’ mouse! A bold statement for any brand to claim their latest product to be? So is this wireless apple mouse really … magical?

Look and Feel

As always with an Apple product the Magic Mouse is nothing but sleek and minimalist. Designed to curve to the shape of your hand and as low to a desktop surface as possible to reduce wrist tension.

It’s flatter than a standard mouse, which feel a little fat and inflated in comparison. Even the wired Apple Mouse feels huge after you’ve held a Magic Mouse, feeling as though it must have been stung by a bee!

The top surface is flawless. There are no separate left and right buttons, instead the entire surface is one continuos sheet, following the approach that simplicity is beauty.


So if there are no clearly defined buttons marked on the surface surely it can’t be that user friendly? It’s definitely a new approach to the standard design, but Apple are known for being at the forefront of design. In fact usability has been taken to a whole new level with the entire top surface being completely interactive.

But do not fear, it hasn’t sacrificed usability for design as it still holds many of the characteristics of a standard mouse. It still glides along a mouse pad and allows you to left and right click. However it has gone beyond these classic features and taken them to the next level!


The most obvious feature for the Apple Magic Mouse is the fact it’s wireless. Apple’s new focus for it’s range of computer accessories seems to be to remove wires and promote a clean workstation, and what’s not to love about that? Being able to move the mouse so freely does instantly feel more freeing, particularly as it can work at a distance of up to 33 feet! Whether you actually need this is another matter.

However with this freedom comes the biggest concern people tend to have: the battery life. As with Apple’s Wireless Keyboard, the Magic Mouse uses batteries. This strikes fear into the hearts of most techies as we all felt the days of stocking up on AA batteries was over! Maybe one day they will be and the Magic Mouse can use a charging station of sorts, but for now we’re going retro and it’s not completely horrific, more a mild inconvenience if that. There is an off an on switch on the bottom of the mouse but it’s up to you if you use it. The mouse will turn itself off after a few minutes if it’s not being used so battery life is not effected if you forget. With everyday use the mouse typically lasts for around three months but it can vary depending on the mouse itself and your personal use.

One of the nicest features is the new approach to scrolling. Most computer mice use a rubber wheel placed in between the left and right buttons to allow a user to scroll. However the Apple Magic Mouse takes on a new approach as scrolling becomes a gentle stroke on the mouse surface, making the use feel almost therapeutic, as if stroking a small pet (as odd as that might sound!)

Lastly, and some would argue most importantly is the sensitivity of the mouse. The Apple Magic Mouse has a laser tracking engine that’s incredibly sensitive and responsive, meaning it will work on most surfaces (even without a mouse pad). So no more frantic movements dragging your mouse around trying to get it to start working again, or sacrificing patterned mouse pads for plain versions just so the mouse will work. This is a massive step forward and a feature that makes the Magic Mouse worth the price tag alone.

The Final Review

As computer mice go it’s a looker. Modern and sleek, with a design that fits comfortably in your hand, the Magic Mouse really is a next generation product. However as rechargeable docking stations are already in use it is surprising that Apple have decided not not go down this route and have instead opted for AA batteries. We wouldn’t be surprised if an updated version that doesn’t use batteries will eventually appear.

If you want the latest gadget and need a mouse that’s more accurate and responsive then this is the mouse for you. It offers more customisable features than a standard mouse and you really can adapt it to you and your needs.

If however you don’t like the idea of buying batteries every three months, we recommend sticking with a traditional wireless mouse for now, at least until they bring out a version.

For all that do make the purchase we recommend buying rechargeable batteries for the Magic Mouse, both to save you money and to to be a bit more environmentally friendly. Overall we like the product and feel that regardless of having to replace the batteries every now and again the attention to detail and outstanding features make it a solid purchase.

July 15, 2015  |  05:56:28

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