Top five tips to successfully working from home

Setting your own hours, no commuting to the office and no grumpy boss setting impossible deadlines ! Working from home sounds great !
However it can be tricky if not done properly.
So how do you work from home ?

How to successfully work from home:

1) Schedule your work hours

One of the great things about working from home is that the hours are really up to you. If you’re an early bird you can start and finish early, if you’re nocturnal then you can work through the night and sleep through the day!

However be warned! With so much good comes the risk of the bad! Without the pressure of a boss breathing down your neck it’s easy to relax and do less hours than you would in an office. Taking a five minute break to watch a quick youtube video or catch a bit of your favorite show can easily turn into an hour going by and you having no work to show for it.

Setting yourself a routine is key. This mean working between the hours you allocate yourself and sticking to them as much as possible.

2) Work at a Desk

As great as it sounds to work on your laptop in bed, or on the sofa it isn’t going to help you get any work done.

Hard as it might be to hear, your boss was on to something when he made you work at a desk. It instantly makes you feel like you are infact ‘at work’. Yes it’s not as comfy as your sofa but you’ll get a lot more done.

3) Find your Office Space

It can be difficult to separate work from home, especially when they’re both in the same place. Set aside an area of your home that you can call ‘your office’. This can be anything from a study to the end of your dining table, work with what’s available to you.

The benefit of this is that when you finish at the end of your working day you can leave that space and go back to enjoying your home without feeling like you’re still at the office.

4) Set yourself a Work Schedule

Now you’re flying solo you need to make sure you’re on top of everything and know exactly what you need to do each day and what projects or tasks you have coming it.

Setting yourself a daily schedule helps you make sure you’re using your time productively and you don’t miss any deadlines. If you need help keeping on top of your daily tasks an app such as Asana can really help, allowing you to set yourself (and even other people) tasks that you can tick off when completed!

5) And Finally, Take a break

Be good to yourself. Without any office colleagues around to go to lunch or natter round the water cooler with it can be easy to work none stop and not take time out for yourself. But believe it or not it is one of the most vital tips to successfully working from home.

Being alone a lot can be a challenge, especially if you’ve not experienced it before. You can easily find yourself feeling down and unmotivated, particularly if you haven’t left the house in a few days.

Make sure to take breaks and get up from your desk. Even something as small as taking a 15 minute walk outside can really help motivate you and keep you smiling. If you miss social interaction book a gym class or try and arrange a meet-up with other entrepreneurs. You’ll quickly find you’re not alone and really start to enjoy the benefits of working for yourself.

June 24, 2015  |  07:14:00

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