The Best Offline Gaming Apps for travelling

We all have our favorite apps, but a lot require an internet connection, and if you’re travelling, that can really cost you money.
So what gaming apps can you use to pass the time when connecting to the internet isn’t an option?
Here are some of our favorites that make long journeys a little more enjoyable.



A real game changer in App gaming. This App is almost good enough to compete on a console level.

An incredibly well built game in which a girl, surprisingly named Lili, visits an island for her degree research only to find the island locals are being suppressed by a sinister ruler and need her help !

It’s easy to get lost in this game and forget about reality. It also has a good few hours of game time so works really well for long journeys. It has a great story and for a phone app it’s amazing quality and definitely worth a purchase.

Plague Inc.

plague inc

A game with an evil purpose, to wipe out all of humanity with a vicious plague!

For a game with such an evil target we actually found this game an addictive, challenging app and overall it turned out to be pretty fun infecting the entire world’s population.

But be warned! This game is not easy, it’s definitely harder than you would like to infect and then kill everyone before a cure is found. However despite it’s trickiness we found ourselves compelled to come back and try again, once again completely distracting us from travelling and making the journey go by much quicker, we found ourselves spending hours on this game when it felt like 30 minutes. A great game, best suited for long journeys.



If only just for the music, Bastion is one of those “must play” games.

Bastion takes you on a mythical journey set in the aftermath of “the calamity”, an end of the world type scenario. Your quest is to repair the Bastion whilst facing foes and challenges along the way.

Popular with indie gamers, arguably one of the best in the past decade. Beautifully made with an amazing soundtrack that is sure to engross you in the world and distract you from your journey, just make sure not to miss your stop!

September 14, 2015  |  04:05:18

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