The Best Offline Gaming Apps for commuting

The commute to work can be a challenge to keep yourself entertained. Especially when you can’t play a game for too long without having to get off the train, on the bus or simply make sure you don’t walked into the person in front of you.
So here are our favorite quick little apps to keep you entertained in amongst the hustle and bustle.

Monument Valley


Growing in popularity, Monument Valley is one of the must have games out there at the moment.

Beautifully illustrated, the game has a calming influence, despite it’s brain training maze challenges.

Guide a silent princess through a series of maze worlds, changing the perception of reality to get her to the other side.

One of the most stunning games out there, and with each maze being relatively short it makes for a great commuter game. Our only downside is that it can be difficult to use on a smaller screen so we think Monument Valley works best on large mobile screens or tablet. Nevertheless we absolutely love this game and wouldn’t commute without it !



An app that has become an instant classic. 2048 is a simplistic numbers game where the goal is to create a 2048 tile (although you can get even higher than this is you have both the patience and skill).

With a Sudoku style grid you must slide identical numbers into each other to add them together, slowly doubling up a tile each time until you reach the desired target. However the game is made harder as with each slide another tile is added, which can cause you to fill the grid and loose the game!

Shockingly addictive hence its popularity, it’s an easy way to kill an hour without you even realising it!



A great way to develop your logic and puzzle solving capabilities.

Move the points around the grid to make the shape shown above. Sounds simple enough, and initially it is (which is an easy way to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something on your commute in to the office).
However, as you progress through the levels the challenges become more difficult to solve and a puzzle that appears to take 5 seconds can end up taking you a lot, lot longer.

Overall it’s a great little game to keep your brain ticking over, and although it’s too simple for long journeys, when you’re travelling to and from work, getting off trains and whizzing through commuters this game hits the mark.



Simple yet fast-paced and heart thumping. Vector challenges you to a chase between you and … well someone who wants to catch you

Jump, slide and run across building tops as fast as you can to escape whilst collecting points and dodging obstacles.

Surprisingly challenging and sometimes frustrating we believe this game is worth the persistence. Another great commuter game !

Temple Run


If you haven’t played Temple Run yet then this is definitely one to try.

Already a classic with several versions of the game available, Temple run involves you helping your character run (we feel that part’s obvious) down an ancient pathway, dodging and jumping over and under obstacles.

One to get your blood pumping and ready for the day, a definite wake up game that keeps you holding your breath and focused on success!

November 9, 2015  |  15:53:22

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