How to use Social Media for your Business

Social media is a great way to stay connected with your customers!
Use it to keep them up-to-date with company news and even to help promote your business. Here’s a basic introduction to get you started


Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. The most popular of these are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn.


  • To market or advertise your business
  • To sell products or services
  • Provide customer service



Using social media to advertise your web site allows you to reach a large amount of customers for free.

Not only is this cost effective for your business but actually helps boost your websites SEO ranking, moving it higher up in search engine results. How? As you make posts related to your website on social media platforms you should also provide a link to your site. The more your post is shared the more a link to your site appears on the internet. The more links to your site the more search engines trust its content is relevant and the higher your website ranks in search results.

In order to make the most out of social media marketing it is important to make an editorial schedule. This is a calendar of when you are going to post on social media platforms. We really recommend you make an editorial schedule to keep on track of what you are posting and how frequently.

Twitter restricts each post to no more than 140 characters. Try to apply this restriction to every post no matter what social platform you are using, keeping your post to the point and easy to read quickly.

Remember to always include a link to your web site or relevant page in the post so that people can get to your site through the post in one easy click.

Remember to use hashtags (#) to attract customers with key words they would search. So for example if you put up a post that advertises a furniture sale on your site, include the hastags #furniture and #sale. Use as many keywords as you can think of to help draw attention to your post. Check websites such as regularly to see which hashtags are the most popular. Try to use these in your posts but it is important that they are actually relevant to your post in order to target customers that are interested in what your company offers.

Lastly, check statistics regularly to see which of your posts are popular and why. If there are key words or a topic that is more successful  than others, try to stick to this to reach the most amount of people possible.


Selling products works exactly the same way as advertising so all the statements above apply. Simply make a post using no more than 140 characters, try to use key words that relate to that top and attach an image to show what you are actually selling. People are a lot more likely to click on your post and follow the link to your web page or site if they see an image of what they are being sold.


To help your company appear more approachable to the general public many companies use Social Media to provide customer service. Customers can leave comments on your social media pages if they have questions for the company. It is important to reply promptly as other customers will be able to see the post. The better your response the more people will trust your business. Remember though that this can also have a negative effect as complaints can also be written. If this happens it is important to resolve the customers issues quickly as publicly. If you do not reply directly to the comment then no-one will know you have helped resolve the issue.

Use these tips to help advertise and direct customers to your site.
Best of luck!

June 24, 2015  |  07:11:06

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